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10.15.08 31 Comments

Birthday Dog smells hijinks

New York City “artists” Mina Karimi and Kara Suhey have a plan to recreate that scene in Ferris Bueller where everyone sings along to “Twist and Shout.”  Originally planned for the Art Parade in September, they got rained out and have rescheduled for the Village Halloween Parade on October 31st.

This project idea came to us as a tangible extension of our longtime ideal that you should follow your bliss and do what you truly feel like doing.  This means taking an active role in your own enjoyment and cultivating a creative mind, playful spirit, and performing the work you genuinely would like to do.  This is why Ferris’ character is so important to us.  He is the embodiment and inspiration of so many of our ideals.  We see too many people stifling their desires and truly believe that the world is a whole lot of fun when we let loose a bit and dance around in the streets. [/Film]

Yeah, I got a tangible extension of my longtime ideal for ya.  Taste it, it’s Karimi.  See, you can tell it’s art because they explained it with fluffy metaphors and gibberish. Otherwise it’d just be “fun.”  Anyway, if you’d like to help embody their ideas, check them out at Project Bueller’s official page.  I’m dressing as Charlie Sheen so I can bang that chick from Dirty Dancing.

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