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Two new Punisher: War Zone trailers after the jump 

Hollywood keeps right on making Punisher movies, and the movies keep right on sucking.  Punisher: War Zone will be the third try (first one in 1989 with Dolph Lundgren, second in 2004 with Thomas Jane), this time with Ray Stevenson (whom I admit was pretty badass in Rome) in the lead.  It’s a good thing they hired a director I’ve never heard of because otherwise I’d be worried they’d just screw it up again.

I liked this better when DMX was in it.

Regular trailer:

R-Rated version:

Wow, a shitty white-trash rap-metal soundtrack, I never would’ve seen that coming. It’s cool though, rap-metal is like Fox racing gear and armband tattooes in that it never gets old.  Hi, bodies?  Meet floor.

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