‘Punk’s Dead: SLC Punk 2’ Has A Teaser And It Makes Very Little Sense

Like every other kid obsessed with punk music and luridly fascinated by Mormonism in the 90s, I remember being very excited when ‘SLC Punk’ came out in 1998. Punks livin’ in Salt Lake City, man, that’s just like us! Even being the perfect demo to enjoy it, all I really remember about it today is that Matthew Lillard was in it and it was kind of sucky. Now, 27 years later (I think, not really good with math) director James Merendino is making a sequel, and it looks like they ditched the first part but doubled down on the second.

Punk’s Dead: SLC Punk! 2 is written and directed by James Merendino. 18 years later, Bob is still dead, but Trish from the Bong Shop, Stevo, Sean the Beggar, John the Mod, crazy Mark and tree hugger Mike are arrogantly saving the world for another generation…or they are at least trying. Get ready to find out what happened to your favorite characters, as we take you to the pivotal events in their lives since SLC Punk!. Holding it all together will be the misadventures and observations of one of their offspring, an eccentric kid named Ross, the Spawn of Heroin Bob and more. Hannah Marks and Ben Schnetzer join returning cast members Devon Sawa, Michael Goorjian, Adam Pascal and James Duval in the film that is currently shooting, has no official release date yet, but might be prime for a Sundance premiere. [FirstShowing]

Ignore the part about Stevo being back, Stevo was Matthew Lillard, and despite the fact that Matthew Lillard yelling at the camera was 85 percent of the first one, it appears he didn’t make it back. Apparently the dude in the beanie is Devon Sawa though. Other than that, I have no idea what’s going on. It looks like they cut together a series of reaction shots. Was this supposed to convey a plot? A theme? I think the theme is “yelling.” A montage of farm animals in funny hats would’ve communicated as much as this did. It’s almost like a test to see if a good Ramones song can make anything seem cool.

Ah, so many memories. Weren’t the late 90s obnoxious?