Quentin Tarantino talks about the time his mom banged Wilt Chamberlain

Have you ever wondered what causes people to end up with weird sexual fetishes? This is purely anecdotal, of course, but Quentin Tarantino famously has a foot fetish, and as he revealed in an interview with Fresh Air’s Terri Gross recently, his mom once banged the late Wilt Chamberlain. Coincidence?

GROSS: So here’s something I was wondering, I know there’s so much like, you know, African-American popular culture that you really love. And I was wondering when you were growing up if you grew up in an integrated neighborhood, if you went to an integrated school, if you had African-American friends or if your contact with black people was largely through popular culture.

TARANTINO: No, no. I went to a mostly black school. You know, it wasn’t all-black because I was there, but it was mostly black.


TARANTINO: And the different points of my life I was raised by black people, raised in black homes – between my mom’s best friend that I lived a lot of times with her and her family and just the kind of United Nations aspect that my mom’s house was in the early ’70s, right at the explosion of black culture. So black culture is my culture growing up.

GROSS: Your mother had a United Nations kind of home?

TARANTINO: Yeah. Well, it was almost like a sitcom, actually the way we lived in the ’70s because she was in her 20s, she was hot, all right, she was a hot white girl. Her best friend was named Jackie. She was a hot black girl. And her other best friend was Lillian and she was a hot Mexican girl. And they lived in this like swinging singles apartment with me.


GROSS: What impact did that have on you?

TARANTINO: Yeah, well, it was just yeah, it was just, you know, it was the ’70s so it was, you know, I lived with these three hip ladies all going out on dates all the time and dating football players and basketball players and, you know, my mother…

GROSS: Professionals ones or…

TARANTINO: Yeah. Yeah. My mom dated Wilt Chamberlain. She’s one of the thousand. [via]

Actually, I think it was 20 thousand, but unless he had lots of 100-person orgies, that figure seems somewhat inflated. You can download the audio of the full interview here, and the best part about it is how proud Quentin sounds to talk about the womb that birthed him having once housed a dollop of Chamberspooge. (“Does my pussy have a sign on it that says ‘famous semen storage?'”). It seems strange thing to brag about, but I remember a guy I went to college with sounding similarly proud when he’d tell the story of how his mom once banged former 49ers safety Marquez Pope, who, as he told it, he awoke to find cooking breakfast in his house one morning. And you know that’s true too, because no one who didn’t know him personally would ever make up a fake story about Marquez Pope.

Hey, your mom is a sexual being, man. There’s no use ignoring it.