Rapey Clown Drives Rapey Van & Morning Links

08.01.11 8 years ago 3 Comments

Covered in rust? Check. Primer-colored? Check. Shocks worn out in the back? Check. Parked at a strip mall? You bet. Really, the only thing non-rapey about this van is the abundance of windows, but I think the matte finish more than makes up for it. The flatter the finish, the rapier the van, I always say. Oh but what’s that? It also belongs to a clown? That’s right, this clown even has a website, that’s his her picture below on the right (Update: The phone numbers don’t match up. Maybe they’re different clowns?). Look, I’m not saying this rusty-van driving clown actually rapes people, I’m just saying she scares the hell out of me. How ironic that a clown named “Rainbow” would be driving a van with no paint on it. [via DangerousMinds, thanks to Tehvault from Argentina for the tip]

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