Ray Liotta says "Brad Pitt's a hack" in the testiest interview you'll read today

Ray Liotta recently did an interview with Examiner to promote The Iceman, in which he co-stars opposite Michael Shannon as hitman Richard Kuklinski (who, sidenote, was once supposed to be played by Channing Tatum until the author threatened to take back the rights). Hard to say whether Liotta and the interviewer just didn’t get along, or if Liotta was trying to communicate some sarcasm that didn’t quite come through, or if he was simply still in character as a gangster. But man, the guy doesn’t pull any punches.

Assorted quotes:

Dorri Olds: Do you think Richard Kuklinski was a sociopath?

Ray Liotta: What’s a sociopath?

Someone incapable of empathy and lacking a social conscience.

Any guys who kill for money, they chose that as their business. Mafia guys are all just insecure people who want their money. They’re like little seven-year old kids when they don’t get their way. I knew guys like that growing up in New Jersey.

Did you hang out with wiseguys?

Why would you ask me that?

Because you said you grew up with them in New Jersey.

Was your character, DeMeo, portrayed accurately in “Iceman”?

From what I read about DeMeo, he was a bad guy. There’s a book [For The Sins of My Father] about him by his son. He wasn’t well liked. They [Mafia guys] used him when the higher ups didn’t want to do it [murder]. He just kept begging to get made.

Do you think he was gay?

Not f*cking gay. Why would you ask that?

It’s generally a bad sign when the interview subject asks “why would you ask me that?” twice in the first five minutes. This whole thing sounds so gloriously ornery.

Robert Davi alluded to it.

I think that says a lot about Robert Davi. He should stick to his character. I gotta smell Davi’s shit every time I walk into a room. [Scowls]

How was it working with Brad Pitt on “Killing Them Softly”?

Brad Pitt’s a hack but I don’t know why that movie didn’t do better. This movie, “Iceman,” is better than a movie like, say, “Place in the Pines” [sic].

Was he serious? He seems to have been. Though it’s possible the interviewer is omitting the intended sarcasm because she already hates him. I love that he disses Brad Pitt just as an aside, and then craps on Place Beyond the Pines apropos of nothing. “Oh, and that guy across the street? Yeah, f*ck him too. Cocksucker can rot in hell for all I care.”

Why do you think you’re always cast in these dark roles?

I just made a movie with the Muppets and, no, I did not kill Miss Piggy. I kissed her. But when she started with her tongue I said, “Woah” [motions pushing her away]. This one guy, Danny Trejo, couldn’t stop talking to them. It’s like he thought they were real. [Looks down at his phone]

That one I didn’t include so much because it’s mean, I included it because the image of Danny Trejo talking to Muppets like people is the best thing I’ve heard all week. “Eh, for real, jomes? Thanks for the advice, puto.”

And here’s how the interview ends:

As Michael Shannon was on his way to enter the interview room, Ray Liotta rolled his eyes dramatically implying disdain and said, “Michael Shannon? Good luck.” Then he turned and walked out.

Best interview ever?

[source: Examiner via Sam Strange; Jaguar PS /]