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04.06.09 44 Comments

Mom thought letting her baby weight train was cute until she got caught in his triangle choke.

As if to save me from the evil robot baby in the last story, I found this story about a toddler with a rare genetic mutation that makes him super strong.

A three-year-old Michigan boy is super-strong. He can move furniture, hold five-pound weights, and do sit-ups with ease. Liam Hoekstra likely has a condition called myostatin-related muscle hypertrophy, which means his body has very little fat and enlarged muscle fibers that make him exceptionally strong. Because Hoekstra is so strong — he falls, for instance, without getting hurt – he is not learning the appropriate fear judgment of a child testing his or her limits.

Super strong and without fear?  Quick, get him some spandex!  So anyway, I clicked on the video all ready to see muscle baby here perform feats of strength, but all they did was talk about psychological effects and potential health problems and lame crap like that.  Talk about lazy reporting. You could at least break a two by four over his back.

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