"Real-Life Superhero" Phoenix Jones spawns "Real-Life Supervillain" Rex Velvet

We first met Seattle’s “real-life superhero” Phoenix Jones last October when he tried towho’s also known as amateur MMA fighter Ben Fodor, had a story that paralleled HBO’s documentary, Superheroes, about similar, self-appointed superheroes. Well now, in a move that’s either genius, obvious, inevitable, or most likely a combination of all three, a self-appointed supervillain, Rex Velvet, has emerged to challenge Phoenix Jones, whom he calls “a hobo snitch in a mask.”

“Let us rid our city of these silly, vigilante nerds.” -Rex Velvet

He has released the following video:

I support this, and eagerly await the inevitable, painfully-earnest response from Phoenix Jones. Don’t ever change, Seattle.

Seattle: A place with no real problems.

[via Gawker, et al., Rex Velvet’s Facebook Page]