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Disclaimer: Posts written the day after the Super Bowl may lack the joie de vivre, devil-may-care je ne sais quois, and abilty to spell with which FilmDrunk has come to be associated.  For obvious reasons.

Back in the 80s, Rambo taught us we could’ve beat the Russians in Vietnam by simply being more badass.  From Back to the Future we learned white people invented rock and roll.

Against all odds, the new Rambo has a lesson for us, and it has the paranoid Junta running Myanmar/Burma feeling a little… paranoid.

Police in Myanmar have given DVD hawkers strict orders not to stock the new Rambo movie, which features the Vietnam War veteran taking on the former Burma’s ruling military junta.

"People are going crazy with the quote ‘Live for nothing, die for something’," one resident said. 

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