RED 2 Has A New Trailer, Now With 100% More Byung Hun Lee

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04.30.13 9 Comments

As has been previously and unanimously agreed upon by everyone in the world, RED 2 is the most anticipated sequel of 2013, and it should already be awarded all of next year’s Academy Awards. But even with everyone on this planet in absolute agreement on that – with the lone exception being Vince, because he only watches movies that have the word “Movie” in the title – Summit Entertainment has still released a second trailer in case there were people living deep in the rain forests who hadn’t decided if they’d see it on the opening weekend or not.

Bruce Willis returns as Frank Moses, as he and Marvin Boggs (John Malkovich) must enlist the help of a Russian scientist (Anthony Hopkins) who has been locked up for 32 years to recover a bomb that he built during the Cold War. The only problem is that he’s batsh*t looney tunes now, which should lead to even more zany adventures for this gang of old farts teaching the new generation of assassins a thing or two. And this time Helen Mirren has been enlisted to stop Frank, which has left us with some wonderful GIFs.

I also want to do the unthinkable and actually complain about something – if you’re putting together a trailer for any movie that isn’t Iron Man-related, you can go ahead and leave “Shoot to Thrill” off the playlist. That is and will always be Tony Stark’s anthem.

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