Republicans love Johnny Depp

Forget the Academy Awards, the Golden Globes or even the People’s Choice Awards. When it comes to determining who America’s favorite actor is, the only proper way to do it is with an online poll of 2,237 adults representing four age groups, conducted in just 7 days. And through that foolproof scientific method, we now know that Johnny Depp is America’s favorite actor for the second year running, according to the latest Harris Poll.

Better luck next year, Tom Sizemore!

Age, region, gender and political party and leanings mean different favorite actors. Men cite Clint Eastwood as their favorite while women say it is Johnny Depp. Echo Boomers (those aged 18-34), Gen Xers (aged 35-46) and Baby Boomers (aged 47-65) all say Johnny Depp is their favorite actor while for Matures (those aged 66 and older), George Clooney is their favorite.

The South is a region that stands alone. Those who live in the East, Midwest and West all say Johnny Depp is their favorite while for Southerners, their favorite is Clint Eastwood. Johnny Depp is also the favorite actor for both Republicans and Independents, but Democrats say Denzel Washington is their favorite actor. There is finally something that Liberals and Conservatives agree on – Johnny Depp is their favorite actor however, for Moderates it is Denzel Washington. (Via Deadline)

Well of course politics play a role in choosing which actors we love. For instance, I’m a huge fan of the Jason Bourne saga, and I loved Matt Damon in all three of the films. But then I found out that he’s into all these things like helping poor people and providing clean drinking water to African children, and I was all like, “Screw that dude!” And boom – Jeremy Renner took over.

Depp, of course, is also making headlines this week, as his 14-year relationship with Vanessa Paradis has come to an end. Early reports indicate that the couple has agreed to split a portion of their accessories and donate the rest to charity. As for the rest of the Harris Poll list, Clint Eastwood and Denzel Washington tied for No. 2, while Tom Hanks finished 4th and John Wayne finished 5th. George Clooney took the 6th spot, which just proves my point that people like dead actors better than George Clooney.