‘Klown’ Review: The Canoe Comedy is Back!

Disclaimer: Hey, gang, Vince here. You might see Laremy’s name at the top of this post. I don’t normally post reviews by other people on FilmDrunk – yes, I’ve posted Burnsy‘s and Chodin‘s in the past for movies I couldn’t cover, but I especially don’t normally post reviews of movies I’ve seen, as is the case with Klown. I thought it was funny, like a mash-up of Curb Your Enthusiasm and The Hangover (but less tedious than the former and more honest than the latter), with a dose of Bad Santa and the tone of It’s Always Sunny. Probably too reminiscent of some of those to be considered ground breaking, but as well crafted as any, and surprisingly sweet for a movie so outrageous. So why I don’t I just write that? Well, because Drafthouse flew me out to Austin and took me on a canoe trip with the cast. Here’s me with Frank and Casper, the guys from the movie. Here’s me taking a picture of myself on a canoe like a huge dork. Here’s some crazy guy who brought throwing knives on the trip for some reason. I’ve got a couple interviews going up in the days to come, which should be great for you. And while I feel fairly confident that I could evaluate the movie separately from the experience, even I know trying to do that after accepting a free trip would be breaking some kind of rule, and I’m not a whore. Okay, well I am a whore, but at least I’m honest about it. So, I got Laremy to review it instead. That guy never goes anywhere. Klown hits theaters in New York, Los Angeles and Austin, and will be available on VOD everywhere, this Friday, July 27. -Vince

Klown, a Danish film from Denmark, is funny enough that you could definitely see an American studio buying the rights, remaking it in English, and getting about 55 percent of the beats correct. Then, after you saw the compromised second version, as you were shuffling out of the theater, someone in the audience would remark, “Oh man, you should see the original.” You’d rent Klown, which I’m guessing the Hollywood studio has renamed Clooown, and end up decrying the state of the modern studio system throughout your “Danish Night!!?” film festival.

Yeesh, American studios, amiright? Bastard people, they, the whole lot of them.

So where were we? Ah yes, Klown, a movie you’ll find very little to quibble with, though one potential quibble would be the opening credits, which clock in at about two minutes (or around 140 seconds too long). This is an extremely petty complaint though, and not at all befitting of the Filmrunk empire which James Uproxx IV hath wrought. Time to get informative!

After those longish opening credits we happen upon a wedding. Drink it in. Two pals, Frank and Casper, both of whom look a little like middle-aged David Beckhams†, are giddy about their upcoming canoe trip. Well, mostly Casper is jubilant, as he’s finally found an outing his lady friend doesn’t want to go on, making him a free agent for sweet lovin’. Frank isn’t as excited, but that’s his personality throughout the film, as he’s the down-to-Earth sensible type. If you need an American comparison, you could do worse than Bradley Cooper and Ed Helms from The Hangover, though the Frank (as Helms) is slightly more askew.