Richard Donner Says That Steven Spielberg Wrote A Story For The ‘Goonies’ Sequel

Now that Richard Donner told TMZ that he’s hard at work trying to reunite the entire cast of the 1985 adventure comedy classic, The Goonies, for a sequel, I’m just assuming that there’s going to be a camera following him everywhere, from restaurants to prostate exams, for updates. The world’s finest multitasking journalists caught up with Donner over the weekend again to ask the important questions like, “Have you talked to any of the original cast members?” and especially, “Did our video have anything to do with helping to make this sequel?” because when it comes time to accept that Kid’s Choice Award, Harvey Levin better have a seat at that table.

But after Donner played coy (or possibly senile) over the existence of The Goonies and the idea of a sequel, he admitted that not only is Steven Spierlberg going to be involved in the second story, but he also came up with the idea. My guess is that it’s about a really wealthy man who earns another billion dollars. And there are pirates.