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The camera adds ten pounds to your vagina

Ugh, I thought I was being cute with my headline until I found this picture. Anyway, the story is, Ricki Lake executive produced The Business of Being Born, a film in which she also appears.

Initiated by executive producer Ricki Lake and directed by Abby Epstein, this investigation of contemporary childbirth "management" is in many ways "The Inconvenient Truth" of obstetrics, not to mention a convincing endorsement of midwifery. A close-up and personal film, in which several of its subjects — including Lake — allow the camera to capture their chosen methods of delivery in indisputably intimate detail, "The Business of Being Born," screened at the Palm Springs International Film Festival ahead of a limited theatrical run (it will be offered by Netflix in February), is a must-see for any woman who’s pregnant or planning to have kids.  At first glance, the notion of deliberately giving birth outside of a hospital (as Lake did in 2001, in her bathtub with her second child) might seem to be a risky proposition. [Yahoo/Hollywood Reporter] 

Jesus Christ, here’s some advice: if you want to make a widely-seen, socially conscious, message-movie, don’t put RICKI LAKE GIVING BIRTH IN A BATHTUB IN IT. 

I can’t think of anything more terrifying, not even Barbra Streisand singing a sad song at a funeral for my penis, or Nic Cage’s forehead chasing me through an Indian burial ground.  I picture her all pasty and bloated with her chubby vag stretched out like an inflated balloon while the studio audience shouts, "You go, gurl!", "Oh no you di-en’t!", and "Dass yo baby!"  Next time just adopt an African like everyone else. 

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