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05.05.09 20 Comments

Dom Deluise died last night at the age of 75, which is like 162 in fat comedian years.  The actor was in roughly a billion movies, including the voice of Pizza the Hutt in Spaceballs, Don Giovanni in Robin Hood Men in Tights, Cannonball Run, Blazing Saddles, etc. etc.  So far, all that’s known is that he “died peacefully in his sleep” in Los Angeles.

In honor of his contributions to show business, here’s a hastily put-together video tribute with a couple of his great scenes in Men in Tights and Blazing Saddles. You just can’t get away with yelling “Watch me, faggots!” anymore.  He will be missed.

Blazing Saddles:

Robin Hood: Men in Tights

Muppet Show

Cannonball Run

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