RIP, Happy Gilmore’s Grandma

92-year-old character actress Frances Bay passed away a few days ago in Los Angeles. Bay had been fleeing the scene of a liquor store robbery screaming, “COPS AIN’T SH*T!” when she blew a tire and rolled her Camaro. I’m kidding of course, it was pneumonia.

The former Canadian radio actress played a number of memorable characters over the course of her career, including Happy Gilmore’s grandma, the marble rye lady from Seinfeld, Fonzie’s grandma Nussbaum, a few roles in David Lynch films, and of course Razor Clit in Scuzz Party. Bay has no immediate survivors (according to her wikipedia page, she had one son, Josh, who died when he was 23, but it appears to be uncited).

Could it be that Frances Bay was in her hospital bed, barely holding on, when she saw a commercial for Bucky Larson, and that was what finally killed her? I have no evidence, but I’d say it’s quite likely.