Robert Downey Jr. Continues To Be Awesome, Screens ‘Winter Soldier’ For A Bunch Of Kids

In case you hadn’t noticed, Robert Downey Jr. is a solid dude. He’s awesomely charitable (even when it hilariously backfires), he has a surprising singing voice, and he’s adept at keeping grandmas calm when they injure themselves terribly. And now he’s celebrated his 49th birthday — lookin’ good, RDJ — by screening Captain America: The Winter Soldier for 50 lucky kids. He posted this photo to his Facebook page with the message, “Let the partaaaaay begin!!!”

If that’s not enough birthday-related RDJ awesomeness, Geekosystem provides another anecdote.

[Jamie] Foxx’s five-year-old daughter insisted on an Iron Man theme for her birthday party, and told all of her friends that she knew the real Tony Stark – and that he’d be there. As a total shot in the dark, Foxx texted Downey Jr. about the awkward predicament, with low expectations (as if Iron Man has time to show up to a kid’s birthday party, you know?) But, being an actual superhero, RDJ totally came to the party with a bucket full of Iron Man toys, and hung out for the day. For real.

Jamie Foxx wasn’t lying:

Let it never be said Robert Downey Jr. didn’t earn that huge paycheck for The Avengers. He’s his generation’s Bill Murray. He can eat fries off our plate anytime.