Robert Duvall: ‘Kubrick was an actor’s enemy’, ‘Get off my lawn’

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12.08.10 9 Comments

Robert Duvall has probably been in more good movies than you’ve watched, and recently, Hollywood Reporter decided to mix things up by sticking him on a panel with a bunch of fresh-faced, booger-cheeked youngins like Baby Goose and Jesse Eisenberg for an actor’s round table.  Flanked by Gosling, Mark Ruffalo, James Franco, Jesse Eisenberg, and Colin Firth, Duvall demonstrated the one thing we have to look forward to in getting older: being candid as hell and not giving a f*ck.

As [David Fincher’s] meticulous style [of doing 50 takes or more] was being discussed by Jesse Eisenberg and Mark Ruffalo, Duvall turned to the host and asked, “who’s he? He’s the director?” Moments later though, after seemingly remembering who Fincher was, the actor asked “he’s always been like that David Fincher? How about when he did ‘Se7en’? He got good results from that… I turned down a part in ‘Se7en’ maybe [his methodology is] the reason I did. Subconsciously I knew.” [ThePlaylist]

Then things got downright blasphemous, or at least they would have been if it hadn’t Robert Duvall speaking, who can say pretty much whatever the hell he wants.

“To me Stanley Kubrick was an actor’s enemy.  And I can point to movies that he’s done, that were the worst performances in movies.  The Shining, …what’s the one about — A Clockwork Orange.  Terrible performances, maybe great movies, but they’re terrible performances. How does he know the difference between the first take and the 70th take?  I mean what is that about?  Maybe it’s the new way of working, I don’t know.”

I’m sure it’d edge into Abe Simpson territory from time to time, but I could listen to Robert Duvall tell old showbiz stories for days.  “Thing about Marlon Brando, we used to find week-old sandwiches buried under his fat titties.  I once saw Jimmy Caan punch a whore harder than I’d ever seen, but God as my witness, the next day she thanked him for it,” and so forth.

[here’s the shortened version about Kubrick]

[here’s the full version, which is an hour long]

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