‘The Greatest Vampire Sex You’ve Ever Had’

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In a recent interview on Australia’s Kyle and Jackie O Show, which sounds and looks like a bad Mad TV sketch, the hosts asked Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 star Robert Pattinson a variety of questions that came from fans on Twitter. And he absolutely must have loved that, with his backwards hat and patchy beard, because his reaction just screamed, “This is why I love acting, answering Twitter questions.” Among the hard-hitting questions asked:

“What was your favorite scene from the Twilight films?”
“What’s a movie that makes you cry?” (He replied Marley & Me to that one and the hosts were all like, “ARGH NO!” and “OI MATE, ME TOO!” respectively.)
“What’s your embarrassing Starbucks order?” (Jackie O* asks if it’s a chai tea latte, to which I ask, the f*ck’s wrong with a chai tea latte?)

And so on and so forth, but the payday question was “What was the hardest scene to film in the Twilight series?” and Pattinson’s first answer was the child birth scene, which makes sense because that would involve Kristen Stewart making facial expressions, and we all know how that goes. But he also mentioned the sex scene in the upcoming Breaking Dawn Part 2, because vampire sex has to be intense and rough, but it’s only a PG13 film.

Story of my life, bro.

“It also can’t just be a normal sex scene,” he adds. “It’s supposed to be about, like, the greatest vampire sex you’ve ever had. So a lot of it was just closeups on me and Kristen’s faces, but there was no one else there.”

“Try and give a face of ecstasy,” were the instructions from director Bill Condon, but it wasn’t all that romantic – Stewart and Pattinson filmed their orgasmic facial expressions separately.

“We were just sitting there by ourselves, there wasn’t even anyone else in the scene and the camera man was laughing as well,” the 26-year-old British actor said. (Via the New York Daily News)

I would pay so much money to see the footage of Pattinson and Stewart filming their orgasm face scenes. That would be, without a doubt in the universe, the greatest bonus DVD footage ever offered.

*If I were an actor appearing on The Kyle and Jackie O Show, I would absolutely end my interview by screaming, “JACKIE O O O O PLEASE DON’T DIE!!!”

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