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08.28.09 21 Comments

Any day now I’m going to watch World’s Greatest Dad, a critically-acclaimed indie comedy in which Robin Williams has been drawing rave reviews from critics hailing his more serious, toned-down persona.  And since Williams already has more money than he could ever need, he’s going to learn from this experience and start choosing roles more carefully.  Ha, just kidding, he’s signed up to star in “Wedding Banned”.  (*dog covering eyes with paws*)

“Banned” centers on a long-divorced couple who kidnap their daughter on her wedding day to prevent her from making the same mistakes they did. The divorced parents rekindle their relationship as they elude cops and the angry groom. [THR]

Hey, didn’t Robin Williams already make this movie when it was called License to Wed?  And how’d that one turn out again?

“This bewilderingly bone-headed movie convinces that Ben and Sadie, should be kept as far apart as possible, if only to prevent them from breeding the kind of morons who would see nothing wrong with a movie such as Licence To Wed – or worse still, make it.” –The Daily Mail

“This assaultively unappealing ‘romantic comedy’ could well mark the opening salvo in a whole new Hollywood campaign against movie piracy. Anybody who’d steal this dud would stink just from carrying it around.” –Toronto Star

“Josef Goebbels had a home movie made of the failed 1944 Hitler assassins being hanged from meathooks with piano wire. It probably had more laughs, more fun, more feelgood moments than this family comedy.” –The Guardian

So yeah, this should be pretty good.

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