Robot/Zombie Jesus looks pissed

This is the trailer for I Am Here… Now, which Cinefamily is screening as part of their “Holy F*cking Sh*t” series this Saturday in LA.  It would seem to be an apt selection.  The film, from Las Vegas Real Estate Agent/Independent Filmmaker Neil Breen, appears to be about a pissed off Robot-Zombie Jesus (FROM SPACE!), and I’m having trouble deciding on my favorite scene.  Right now it’s between the part where Robo-Zombie Jesus puts his hand on a man’s shoulder as if to heal him and makes the guy’s eyes bleed (as punishment for him beating up a guy in a wheelchair, you see), or the context-free, hard cut to space dolphins at the 1:22 mark (pff, oldest trick in the book).

My only real criticism is that they didn’t give it a more straightforward title, more reflective of the action.  “Pissed-Off RoboJesus with Tribal Tats,” say.

Now DAT’S how you low-budget film!