Frotcast 319: ‘Rogue One,’ With Joanna Robinson

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Star Wars, Star Wars, Star Wars! The Frotcast gets professional this week, with real guest Joanna Robinson from Vanity Fair coming on to talk a real movie that we all actually saw, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. But the Frotcast being the Frotcast, we pre-empted that with 20 minutes of talk about my butthole surgery and followed it with Matt Lieb improvising lyrics to royalty-free songs in the latest installment of The Royalty Freestyle. Could this be the last Frotcast of 2016?! Maybe! Get it while it lasts! This week’s Frotcrew includes your host, me, Vince Mancini, comedian Matt Lieb from AJ+/The Star Wars Show, and comedian Joey Avery.


2:00 – I describe my butthole operation. A brand new butthole for a new year.
4:30 – The way one honest butthole story begats another. And more butthole stories.
8:30 – Matt Lieb’s newest character, Joey’s Friend’s Anus
11:20 – Matt Lieb’s butt plug story, because sure, we already went there.
21:30 – Matt attempts to describe the “Sad Brendan Fraser” Mummy conspiracy
23:30 – Joanna Robinson from Vanity Fair joins us to discuss Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
29:00 – We actually begin discussing Rogue One
1:20:05 – The Royalty Freestyle
1:23:08 – A song for a $50 Patreon donor dedicated to Ryette from South Africa
1:33:52 – A strangely Oedipal song about mac & cheese
1:41:00 – Another song


In case you didn’t catch Frotcast pal David Gborie (@thegissilent) on Conan this week. You can catch Dave on Frotcast 104, 123, 160, the best of 2013, 186, and probably some others too.

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