‘Roid Rage’ is Not About Steroids, But it Looks Amazing

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12.08.10 12 Comments

This is the trailer for Roid Rage, “a horror/comedy short film from award winning director/cinematographer Ryan Lightbourn.”  It’s not about steroids, and given the banner pic, I think you can guess what it is about.  Obnoxious announcer aside, this is one of the funnier Grindhouse-y trailers I’ve seen, and it actually made me laugh out loud in the first five seconds.  Some of my favorite lines:

“Another dead hooker.  Face torn to sh*t just like the rest of ’em.”

“Jesus Christ.  I haven’t seen anything like this since Chernobyl.”

– “Hey, Big Daddy.  Would you like to get your assh*le eaten out?”
– “You have no idea.”

That line about the hooker with the torn up face was the very first one, by the way.  Like, before the video even started.  If this were an MGM film, the lion would still be on the screen.

Ugh. I hate that announcer’s voice.  The movie’s about people hunting a monster inside a guy’s ass, dude, you really don’t have to ham it up.

[Twitch -Thanks to Ben for the tip]

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