Roman Polanski Is Being Sought By Polish Prosecutors Following A New Extradition Request By The US

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Roman Polanski was probably thrilled these past few months that Bill Cosby had Paula Poundstoned his own rape troubles out of the public consciousness, but he should’ve known it wouldn’t last forever. Polanski has been summoned once again for questioning by prosecutors in Poland after a fresh extradition request from the US. Polanski was already questioned and released in Poland (where he’s prepping his new film about the Dreyfus Affair) in October, after a previous US request.

Mateusz Martyniuk, a spokesman for the prosecutor general’s office in Warsaw, told Reuters that the extradition request, came from prosecutors in Los Angeles and that it would be passed on to the prosecutors’ office in Krakow.

“Prosecutors will want to summon Polanski for questioning,” Martyniuk said. [TheHollywoodReporter]

One wonders what the new round of questioning will consist of. “Have you traveled back in time to the seventies to rape more people since we last talked three months ago? No? Okay, good.”

Of course, as it was reported back in June, Polanski had sought assurances from the Polish government that he wouldn’t be extradited as part of his decision to film the movie there in the first place, dangling the reported $40 million budgeted film as a carrot. In what I’m sure Polanski sees as a symbolic parallel, the subject of his new film, the Dreyfus Affair, involved the false conviction of a 19th-century French army officer on trumped-up treason charges, supposedly with Anti-Semitism as a motive.

In any case, I can’t imagine the outcome of this latest request will be any different than the one from October. Though I do like the idea of using “Polish Deposition” as another euphemism for a Dutch Oven.