Ronda Rousey And Michelle Rodriguez Duke It Out In This New ‘Furious 7’ Clip

The new Fas7 & Furiou7 movie comes out on April 3, and the studio has been putting out featurettes on its YouTube channel to warm everyone up for the impending car-gasm of a film. This latest clip focuses on the new additions to the cast: Jason Statham, Djimon Hounsou, Nathalie Emmanuel, Tony Jaa, and Kurt Russell. Oh, and a certain UFC Bantamweight Champion named Ronda Rousey.

As if the video of Jason Statham and The Rock duking it out wasn’t badass enough, this one shows Rousey and Michelle Rodriguez fighting in glamorous ballgowns. Which seems like a bit of a retread from Ronda’s opening scene in The Expendables 3, but considering how much time Hollywood types spend wearing crazy elaborate dresses, maybe they think that’s just what people wear. No formal wear after 6 p.m.? What are we, farmers?

It also implies that Rousey will be on Team Statham, although I could be wrong. The new trend in cliche’d mega-blockbuster action films is for the heroes to punch it up amongst themselves because reasons! Fight first, ask questions later is practically the new American motto, and it should replace E Pluribus Unum on our money because George Washington didn’t die so a bunch of Latins could put their silly “language” all over our cash.

In fact, why don’t we just skip a couple of intermediary steps and replace all the presidents on our money with the cast of Furious 7? Dynamite Mount Rushmore and get Vin, Paul, Dwayne, and Michelle up there. Drive a Bugatti Veyron off that business every Fourth of July. Unite the country. Attain world peace. All hail the United States of Fast & Furious!