Ryan Gosling is in a coloring book

If your hipster loft is lacking in kitschy trinkets for children, FEAR NOT! Now, for the low low price of $12 (from the creator, ILoveMEL), you can ratchet up the whimsy with a Ryan Gosling coloring book! (Or, if you’re across the pond, you can pay £9 for a Ryan Gousling Colouring Booke). “Hey, girl, I don’t mind being colored. I respect all races.”

You can play video games and skee ball at bars, why not have coloring books at your house (if this doesn’t end up in the coffee table book section of Urban Outfitters I’ll eat my scarf)? Hey, internet, here’s a free idea for you: an adult diaper that says “I HEART BACON.” Get it? Because everyone loves bacon, right?? …I’m sorry. I’m only being negative because I know that people like me are both the target audience for this and a large part of the reason that exists. In fact, I wrote a song called “Self-Loathing Hipster” on my ukulele, and it goes a little something like this…

I’m glad to see that Patches was included, but not having the scene where Baby Goose stomps the guy’s head from Drive seems like a major oversight.

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