Ryan Gosling Has Been Snubbed Again

It has only been three months, but the pain still feels fresh. Back in November, People magazine had the nerve – nay, THE BALLS! – to claim that Bradley Cooper was the Sexiest Man Alive. Normally, we wouldn’t care, but People chose the star of Limitless and The A*Team over our favorite chosen son, Ryan Gosling. And the world shared our outrage and acted accordingly.

As if the dagger wound wasn’t painful enough, along comes Heat magazine – whatever that is – to twist the blade and leave us in further agony. According to 1,000 or so of Heat’s readers, Gosling is indeed in the conversation of the Sexiest Man on the Planet, but once again he is left in the dust of a greater stag – David Beckham.

According to Digital Spy, heat’s Top 25 looks like this…

1. David Beckham
2. Ryan Gosling
3. Ryan Reynolds
4. Bradley Cooper
5. Jake Gyllenhaal
6. Robert Pattinson
7. Tom Hardy
8. Johnny Depp
9. Hugh Jackman
10. Zac Efron
11. George Clooney
12. Harry Judd
13. Gary Barlow
14. Adam Levine
15. Gerard Butler
16. James Franco
17. Taylor Lautner
18. Harry Styles
19. Brad Pitt
20. Orlando Bloom
21. Justin Timberlake
22. Olly Murs
23. Ian Somerhalder
24. Michael Fassbender
25. Tinie Tempah

This is simply outrageous. First it was People. Then it was the Oscars telling Baby Goose that he should just Drive himself off a cliff (suck it, Pete Hammond). And now that knob job over at With Leather is just giddy as hell that some dumb jock who prances around in his underwear with his Spice Girls wife is apparently sexier than Gosling. One of these days, Gosling will be gone, and with him will be his boyish Canadian charm and his adorable fictitious dog, Patches. What will he have left, other than some YouTube clips of The Mickey Mouse Club and our scorpion jackets, to remember him by?

We must make 2012 the year of Gosling, friends. Nobody puts Baby Goose in the corner.