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07.12.09 30 Comments

Answering the prayers of literally hundreds of internet nerds, Ryan Reynolds has been chosen to star in Warner’s Green Lantern movie.  Production is expected to start in January with Martin Campbell directing and a budget of around $200 million. On Friday it was reported that Warner had narrowed their potential Green Lanterns to Reynolds, Justin Timberlake, and Brad Cooper.  Reynolds already played Deadpool in Wolverine (which Fox still wants to spinoff into its own movie) and for a while was in talks to play The Flash.  So probably he seemed like the least creative option, and that’s what committees of businessmen usually go for.  Not that there’s anything wrong with Ryan Reynolds.  He seems perfectly capable of wearing tights and a power ring, and as far as anyone can tell, he’s nothing like Cam Gigandet.  Also, and this is neither here nor there, but I think Justin Limbersnake would be a really good porn name.

[via Variety]

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