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03.12.10 28 Comments

(It’s very possibly I’ve had too much coffee this morning.)

Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman are set to star in a movie of the ever-popular body-swap genre called Change Up, to be directed by Wedding Crashers‘ David Dobkin.

The project, written by “Wedding Crashers” and “The Hangover” writers Jon Lucas and Scott Moore, is basically “a responsible guy with a wife gets swapped with his best friend, a lazy man child.” [ThePlaylist]

It sounds great when you say it like that.  Not as great when you say “a body swap comedy from the writers of Ghosts of Girlfriends Past and Four Christmases, and the director of Fred Claus,” which, sadly, is also true. Fred Claus has been on cable a lot recently.  Check it out if you ever want to see a CGI elf version of Ludacris rap.  So yeah, hope for the Wedding Crashers/Hangover version of this creative team, but don’t hold your breath.  And I don’t know about you, but if I switched bodies with Ryan Reynolds, the first thing I’d probably do is try to jizz on my own washboard abs.  What?  Don’t act like I’m the only straight guy here who’s thought about it.  Oh right, I’m the weird one, whatever, you guys.

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