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10.30.08 38 Comments

Please cast Disaster Girl

Sam Mendes (American Beauty, Road to Perdition) will direct a live-action film adaptation of The Preacher.

The PREACHER series [which ran from 1995-2000], unquestionably one of the most compelling comic titles ever published, involves a rough-and-tumble Texan preacher who becomes imbued with the power of Genesis (the offspring of angel and demon). When he finds out God has left his post in Heaven, he takes off with his amateur assassin ex-girlfriend and an Irish vampire named Cassidy on a mission to make the Lord answer for his transgression. During their bizarre adventures they encounter various murderers and sodomites, the immortal Saint of Killers, and a secret paramilitary organization dedicated to protecting the bloodline of Christ. [JoBlo]

Kevin Smith had previously planned an adaptation which got all the way to the casting stage (aka the Preacher argues with God about Battlestar Galactica), and Ghost Rider director Mark Steven Johnson was developing it as an HBO series until HBO passed on it a few months ago (aka Nic Cage threatens God with his massive forehead).   Anyway, if I ever got to confront God, I’d probably be all like, “Yo, no buttf-cking?  Wut up wit dat?”

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