Get your MFs ready: Samuel Jackson will read a fan-written monolog chosen by Reddit

Say what you will about him, Sam Jackson is a man who understands his appeal. When he’s not torturing reporters into saying n*gger or coming up with creative new uses for the word motherf*cker, he’s doing AMAs on Reddit. Okay, so lots of celebrities do Ask Me Anythings nowadays (and some don’t go so well, just ask Woody Harrelson). So that might not be so special. But how’s this for a charity auction?

(Posted by Jackson himself):

It’s simple, write 300 words and the most upvoted post I’ll read out loud in monologue form.

I’m doing this for one of my favorite non-profits, Alzheimer’s Society, as my family have been unfortunate enough to have been affected by the disease.

As a BONUS, I’m offering you all the chance to be flown to the UK for lunch with ME in return for just a tiny donation to this amazing cause. I’ll also sign a beloved Kangol hat and mail it to anyone that donates $200 or more!

Check it out at:

Let’s go muthaphukkas give me something interesting to say!!!!

It’s terrifying and wonderful anytime you let an online community like Reddit decide something. Unless the community is Yahoo, in which case it’s like letting a walrus choose the president. But I have high hopes that this process can produce the next Rebecca Martinson. Mainly because that cuss-mouthed cuntpunter is harder to get in touch with than the pope, but also because I like to read funny things.