Hell Yes Samuel L. Jackson Will Be A Part Of Quentin Tarantino’s Motherf**king ‘Hateful Eight’ Live Read

If you’ll remember, Quentin Tarantino had this project called The Hateful Eight in development, until the script leaked, and QT got so pissed that he sued Gawker (legal breakdown) and shelved the project. But while he may not ever make the movie, he is selling $200 tickets to a live read of the script in LA tomorrow. So what do you get with your $200? A wine glass shaped like Uma Thurman’s shoe? A commemorative vial of Tarantino’s sweat? No word on that, but at least Samuel L. Jackson will be there.

Organizers have treated Film Independent’s staged reading of Quentin Tarantino’s latest script The Hateful Eight like a national security matter, restricting things like cell phones and computers and staying mum on casting ahead of Saturday night’s event. But I have confirmed that Tarantino staple Samuel L Jackson will play a part at reading set for the Theatre at the Ace Hotel in downtown LA. What role he might read remains unknown, but it begs the question what other Tarantino regulars might also participate in the event. [Deadline]

That Quentin Tarantino has figured out a way to charge $200 to see one of his scripts read aloud (not even staged or performed!) is one of the all-time great artist coups in history. I hope Sam Jackson doesn’t even read, he just stands off to the side and occasionally makes that straw sucking sound from the Big Kahuna Burger scene in Pulp Fiction.