Sandra Bullock & Ryan Reynolds to star in ‘The Derp That Queefed’

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06.08.10 19 Comments

Despite The Proposal earning $315 million on a $40 million budget, Disney nixed plans for a sequel earlier this year.  But not to fear: Universal is bringing back the feature talent and entire creative team for another project.  Pete Hammond is already calling it “the best idea since fire.”

Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds are reuniting on a new action comedy, tentatively titled Most Wanted. The project, a pitch from The Proposal screenwriter Peter Chiarelli, was purchased by Universal Pictures on Friday [for $1 million following a bidding war].  They are currently negotiating with The Proposal director Anne Fletcher to helm the film. The storyline for the movie revolves around a criminal (Bullock) being escorted to court by a U.S. Marshall (Reynolds). Both are ambushed on the way and are forced to go on the run.  [EW]

I can imagine how this pitch went down:

PROPOSAL WRITER: So… do you remember The Bounty Hunter?

UNIVERSAL CEO: (*IMDB’s The Bounty Hunter on Blackberry*)
Of course I do.  Go on.

PROPOSAL WRITER:  It’s that, but with likable actors.

UNIVERSAL CEO: (*hands Proposal Writer a million dollars*)  BUTLER! FETCH MY COCAINE!

Semi-related: The most patronizing Sandra Bullock gif in the history of the world:

(click to animate)

[gif via FourFour’s collection of MTV Award gifs]

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