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11.22.08 47 Comments

Ufford found this photo of Wahlberg and DiCaprio back in the day – it’s apropos of nothing, but totally awesome.  DiCaprio is clearly a little uneasy about Wahblerg’s wigger act with so many black dudes around. “Just relax, Leonahdo, stawp bein’ such a queah.”

Two new Star Trek posters featuring “Shirtless” Uhura, and Eric Bana as Nero – who, between the tribal tattoo and the cauliflower ear, I’m pretty sure is a UFC fighter.  [Screenrant]

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button has posters.  Hold on… the writing on Brad Pitt’s is backwards… Wait, I get it! LOL! [RopeofSilicon]

Speaking of LOL, “LOLGrandparents” are a lot like LOLCatz.  Only smellier.  [HolyTaco]

The Wolf Man gots delayed.  Aw, now I’ll have to wait even longer to not see it. Sad Wolf Man :’-{   [Filmonic]

In honor of “Bronx Mowgli Wentz”, it’s the emo baby name generator.  I got “CabriniGreen Mustafa Mancini”, which is actually kind of sweet.  [Bestweekever]

Screenjunkies celebrates the career of Jim Belushi.  I’ll be honest, I like this more in theory than in practice. [Screenjunkies]

A Colbert Christmas debuts tomorrow night on Comedy Central at 10.  I don’t like Toby Keith trying to make fun of himself, but I’ll forgive Colbert for putting him on because of his joke about Obama wanting to change “God” in the pledge of allegiance to “Gay Baby”.  [ComedyCentral]

Timothy Olyphant has joined the cast of The Crazies, the rare masturbatory George Romero remake not being directed by George Romero.  I like Timothy Olyphant but he needs to fire his agent before it’s too late. [THR]

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