Saturday Night Live's Fake Wes Anderson Horror Trailer Was Pretty Accurate

By now, you’ve probably read my best friend (category: people named Josh) Josh Kurp’s recap of this week’s Saturday Night Live, but in case you haven’t, you should go watch the show now and then read it and share your opinions with him while interacting with other Internet commenters. It’s called the Age of Social Media, you reclusive twit.

I didn’t really enjoy this week’s episode, and that’s hardly news, as Edward Norton is to comedy what Alex Rodriguez is to honesty. But lost in the kerfuffle of forgettable sketches and recycled cold open jokes was this wonderful fake trailer for Wes Anderson’s The Midnight Coterie of Sinister Intruders. To his credit, Norton nails the Owen Wilson impression, but the real star as always is Kate McKinnon. Her Tilda Swinton impression may have lasted .002 seconds, but she was the best thing about anything she’s in for the millionth time.