‘Saw VIII’ Is Happening Because Why On Earth Wouldn’t It?

Three things in life are certain: Death, taxes and a Saw film will earn $100 million at the box office six times out of seven. Despite the fact that Saw VI only grossed $68 million worldwide, Lionsgate came right back in 2010 with Saw 3D, which earned twice that, proving that people (mostly in foreign markets) love watching good, old-fashioned torture porn with terrible, terrible acting. And despite the fact that it has been three years since Saw 3D was in theaters and the Paranormal Activity franchise is the top dog in the game of beating dead horror horses, there will be a Saw VIII, if you believe very vague, sourceless reports like I always do.

According to Boomstick Comics, while there is no director, story or cast yet, Saw VIII is indeed happening within the next “two to three years.” Glorious. Perhaps Lionsgate could make this one a director-less, cast-less, story-less film that is really just this compilation of hilarious nut shots.