Scarlett Johansson is Remaking Species, Basically

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11.03.10 54 Comments

"Know how I know you're gay?"

Scarlett Johansson, who recently cut her hair to look like that lesbian from the workout show, is nevertheless set to play a slutty, sexy alien in an upcoming movie from Sexy Beast writer-director Jonathan Glazer. Bet he’s pissed he already used that title.

That is what FilmNation is selling at AFM, launching Under the Skin, a sci-fi drama.  According to the company, “Johansson plays an alien on earth, disguised as the perfect aesthetic form of a mesmerizing woman. She scours remote highways and desolate scenery looking to use her greatest weapon to snare human prey — her voracious sexuality.”
“She is deadly efficient, but over time becomes drawn to and changed by the complexity of life on earth. With this new found humanity and weakening alien resolve, she finds herself on a collision course with her own kind. Taking her point of view throughout, the film presents a unique look at our world through alien eyes.” [THR]

So… pretty much exactly like Species, then?  But hornier, and with bigger boobs?  And the alien eventually decides she wants to stop killing and just concentrate on doin’ it?  I admit, this is starting to sound like a really good idea.

In a statement, FilmNation CEO Glen Basner said, “We’re so very excited to be working on this arrestingly original movie. How could we pass up the chance to work with a visionary director like Jonathan, especially when combined with the intriguing notion of Scarlett Johansson as a ruthless alien seductress?”

Look man, I’m all for your Big T*ts Alien 3D movie or whatever it’s called, but I hope that by “arrestingly original movie”, what you meant was “you would get arrested for calling this movie original.”

"I'm tho Fierth. ROWR!"

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