Scarlett Johansson Is A Sexy Alien Huntress In The Extended Trailer For ‘Under The Skin’

Jonathan Glazer’s Under the Skin has sort of a Species vibe to it, if Species had taken place in Scotland, cost less and been far more intense, thrilling and pretty scary. At least that’s what I’m taking away from the new extended trailer that features Scarlett Johansson as the alien huntress set from a galaxy far, far away with the mission of luring Scottish hitchhikers to their demise with the promise of sex. Not gonna lie, I don’t think I’d complain.

According to The Film Stage, Glazer had ScarJo prepare for the role by actually trying to pick up hitchhikers in a van, which I assume went down like this:

Scarlett: “Hey, do you want a ride?”

Hitchhiker: “Aren’t you Scarlett Johansson?”

Scarlett: “Yes.”

Hitchhiker: “Okay.” *jumps through the side of the van, leaving cutout of a human body*

Under the Skin was picked up by A24 Films at the Toronto International Film Festival for a 2014 run in the U.S.