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07.08.08 39 Comments

Tucker Max, a guy who, like me, makes his living being a dick on the Internet, just got his first book "I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell" adapted into a movie

Matt Czuchry, Jesse Bradford and Geoff Stults are raising their steins for "I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell," the adaptation of the bawdy best-selling memoir of Tucker Max. Bob Gosse is directing.

Max rose to fame after launching in 2002, garnering millions of unique site visitors to read his short stories and a $300,000 advance for his alcohol-fueled memoir for Penguin Books.

The film, written by Max and Nils Parker, follows his trip to a friend’s bachelor party, where he ensnares the groom in a lie that threatens the wedding, then abandons him to pursue further carnal knowledge. After being banned from the nuptials, Max attempts to get back into his friend’s good graces.

I would say "excelsior, fellow Internet asshole," but he makes more money than i do, so he can get stuffed. Plus he went to Duke. So he can get stuffed by a dude with a chainsaw dick that runs on feline AIDS.

-Christmas Ape 

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