A Scottish Man’s Car Caught Fire During A Tribute To Paul Walker

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12.17.13 5 Comments

Scotland Paul Walker tribute

The death of actor Paul Walker has undoubtedly left people and fans around the world upset and looking for ways to both mourn him and show their appreciation for his career and life. While I’m no expert on the proper ways to express grief in the wake of tragedy, I’m pretty sure that revving a car’s engine until it bursts into flames is probably the worst way that someone could pay tribute to Walker, who died in a fiery car accident.

However, that’s reportedly what happened at a recent tribute to Walker in Aberdeen, Scotland, as a man revved his Ford Focus’s engine for 20 minutes until it eventually shut down and then caught fire, completely destroying his car. I imagine Walker was looking down as this happened and an angel tapped him on the shoulder and said, “No Paul, that’s Florida. Scotland’s over here.”

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