‘Scre4m’ Looks Familiar

The new trailer for Scre4m is out, and hoo boy, is it Scream-y. Like its predecessors (which, if my memory serves me, were titled Scream, 2 Scream 2 Screamious, and Scr3am), it features heaping spoonfuls of scary phone calls, hypermeta horror film references, doofy Keystone cops, and hot chicks getting chased around and stabbed in or around the boobs. It’s like a Scream madlib.

A few additional thoughts:

– Holy crap, a Seth Cohen sighting. Remember when Adam Brody was being touted as some sort of rising rom-com star? Yeah… not so much. Times have been tough for the kids from “The O.C.” Ben McKenzie (Ryan) is on “Southland” on TNT, which is supposedly good, but not widely watched. Mischa Barton (Marissa) disappeared off the face of the Earth. And my precious Rachel Bilson hasn’t done much of anything since Jumper. That last one is a travesty. New plan, Hollywood: less Katherine Heigl, more Rachel Bilson. Chop chop.

– I bet if you told Neve Campbell after Scream that 15 years later she’d still be starring in the sequels, she would have laughed and had her people escort you out of the building. Although that would have been an incredibly weird thing to do on your part. Unless you’re some sort of future-seeing witch. In which case, you know… (*puts on sham trial, finds you guilty, burns you alive*)

– Uproxx fan favorite Alison Brie is in the movie. If I understand the terms of my contract properly, I am required to post a GIF of her whenever she is brought up. I have complied with this requirement in the sexiest way possible.

Trailer and Briesy GIF after the jump

This GIF is from this video. The list of things I would like to give Alison Brie is pretty short, but it gets a little longer whenever I see her. (“List of things” is what I call my penis.)

banner pic via Film School Rejects (other pics there too)
trailer via Trailer Addict