Sean Connery is fist-pumping like a champ

Sean Connery has tennis fever! Yesterday, Andy Murray broke Great Britain’s 76-year drought with a US Open win over Novak Djokovic in a finals match that lasted a record four hours and 54 minutes. Now, I know what you’re thinking, “Hey, why are you talking about tennis, homo?”

Haha, sorry, bros! It’s only because Sean Connery was there. He may be retired from acting (no word on whether he still stars in his wife’s paintings), but that just gives him more time to spend supporting his fellow Scots, like Andy Murray. “THAT’CH RIGHT, ANDY! SHOW THISH DIRTY SHLAV HOW WE DO IT IN GLASZHGOW! PISH OFF, DJOKO! YER MOTHER’SH A GYPSHY!”

Do I have a gif of Sean Connery fist-pumping like a champ? Of COURSE I do. This could be my finest work:

I could see him and Christian Bale (or Quentin Tarantino) hitting the club together:

[via Yahoo]