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11.19.09 31 Comments

(“She’sh really capshured the esshensh of how I shtalk my prey.”)

Sean Connery has been saying he’s retired from acting for the past few years, but that didn’t stop him from agreeing to voice the lead character in an upcoming independent CGI animated feature. And you just know it had to be something incredible to lure him out of retirement, right?

“Sir Billi” centers on a retired, skateboarding veterinarian who lives in a remote Scottish village and who spearheads the rescue of an illegal fugitive who also happens to be a beaver. [via THR]

I’m guessing the skateboarding veterinarian plans to try this case in Cool Court. Reached for comment, Connery said, “I jusht wanted to prove that you’re never too old to chashe beaver,” and slapped his wife across the face.

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