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03.14.08 242 Comments

Never Back Down star Sean Faris was recently interviewed by Lanie Barron of The Seaholm Highlander, a high school newspaper in Birmingham, Michigan.   I hope Lanie’s okay, because Faris sounds dangerously hardcore.

"I don’t have any fear or insecurity of anyone who wants to approach me and start something," added the self-assured actor.  "I will happily defend myself.  When they see that I have no fear, they’re like, ‘what have I gotten myself into?’"

Omg, run for your lives he’s a male model! Of course, his confidence isn’t limited to the octagon bars where Paris Hilton hangs out.   

Sean is also in the middle of producing his own independent film, The Glass Eye, a film he feels especially passionate about. "It’s phenomenal.  Sean Penn will sit down and watch that movie and say, ‘Damn, that was a good movie.’  I’m doing those to gain respect."

Wow, Sean, you’re a really cool guy. What can high school kids do to be like you?

"I don’t recommend going to college if you want to be an actor… If you want to be an actor the thing you need to do is go to classes in LA and go take the college of life."

Apparently, classes at "the college of life" involve modeling and Michael Bay movies. I think they should add a new Oscar category for keeping it real and give the award to Sean Faris, seeing as how he keeps it so real.  They could set up a bookshelf next to the podium and when they announce his award, Faris could smash through it in a yellow Hummer and then jump out and do that WWE crotch gesture thingie and be all like "Suck it, books!" And then he’d headbutt the presenter and leave the stage with Disturbed playing – OOO WHA AH AH A! 

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