The Facebook Guys Donate Green to Legalize Green, Brah

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10.08.10 26 Comments

"That shirt's not cool. You know what's cool? A billion bong hits."

In the Social Network, Napster co-founder and Facebook founding president Sean Parker was played by Justin Timberlake.  Zuckerberg right-hand man Dustin Moskovitz was more of a background character, played by Joseph Mazzello (the kid from Jurassic Park and The Pacific).  Now, two weeks after Mark Zuckerberg gave the Newark public school system $100 million (try not to blow it on fake tanner and Affliction shirts), Fanning and Moskovitz are making headlines for big charity donations of their own.  (*takes huge bong load*)  What was it again?  (*coughs*) Crap, dude, I totally forgot.

Not to be outdone by Moskovitz, America’s youngest billionaire, who gave $70,000 to California’s Proposition 19, Parker has donated $100,000 to the ballot initiative that would make it legal to possess the drug for personal use.
The gift affirms the 30-year-old’s reputation for generosity [and for doing drugs -Ed.], and puts him in a small but select group of very wealthy donors to pro-marijuana causes, including Moskovitz and Progressive Corp. billionaire Peter Lewis. [Forbes]

Good for them.  It’s just too bad they couldn’t use some of that money to pay for a gubernatorial candidate anyone gives a sh*t about.  I mean, politicians, amirite?  Hey, and what’s the deal with airline food… Anyway, sometimes I like to imagine working at Forbes, where you spend all day writing about stocks and tax shelters and the world’s youngest billionaires, all while making forty grand a year.  Fun.

Also, I made this for some reason:

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