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03.14.08 35 Comments

I’ve already posted the red-band (R-rated) trailer for Pineapple Express.  This is the longer, all-audiences version. 

Written by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg (who previously wrote Superbad), it was directed by David Gordon Green who’s usually known for drama.  It opens August 8th. 

In this clean version you’ll notice there’s no swearing and no mention of “weed”, just “smoking”.  So apparently you can watch it with your kids, you just have to convince them that all the cool people smoke cigarettes and that smoking cigarettes make everything fun and hilarious and cinematic.  So basically Pineapple Express is like a commercial from the 50s.  “Joe DiMaggio smokes Camels because they’re smoother and they taste great!”

Sidenote:  I’m worried James Franco is being typecast as a result of this interview.   

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