Seltzer-Friedberg movie downloaded 100,000 times? Woof.

08.18.10 8 years ago 24 Comments

If you’ve seen five minutes of any of their movies (Meet the Spartans, Disaster Movie, Epic Movie), you know that without a doubt, Aaron Seltzer and Jason Friedberg are two of the finest satirists ever to live.  The way they skewer societal paradigms with Paris Hilton impersonators getting hit by cars and Lady Gaga slipping on a banana peel… (*kisses fingertips*) magnifique.  Acclaimed film critic Armond White once said of the duo, “they stand so lonely on pop-culture’s fringe that their a la carte recidivism seems absolutely contre-jour when compared to the ersatz Hollywood j ne sais quois.”

Well sadly, it seems those two national treasures may not receive the compensation they so richly deserve for their upcoming masterpiece “Vampires Suck.”  According to a new report, it has been downloaded illegally 100,000 times.

An unfinished copy of “Vampires Suck,” Fox’s the hotly anticipated [!!!] parody of “Twilight”, has now been downloaded more than 100,000 times since its leak more than a month ago, according to TorrentFreak.
Now faced with another major leak, Fox’s legal department has quietly become more aggressive, sending takedown requests to torrent sites and Google. They likely want to avoid the fate of the 2004 parody film “Soul Plane,” [!!!] which prompted an FBI investigation after pirated copies flooded the black market weeks before its release.
“Soul Plane” was cited as one of the first Hollywood films to be impacted by digital piracy [the horror!]. Will pirates suck the life out of “Vampires Suck?” [LORD GOD I HOPE NOT!] Fox is publicly downplaying down the leak [DERP!], saying the incident occurred a month ago and there isn’t anything new to report. [Yahoo/THR]

That’s depressing.  Not the piracy, the fact that 100,000 people actually wanted to see Vampires Suck.  Illegally downloading a Seltzer-Freebird movie is like stealing a Susan Boyle sex tape.

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