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03.02.09 21 Comments

With Watchmen (FINALLY) opening this Friday, expect to suffer through the final crescendo of annoying marking bullshit.  NBC, for instance, has a Dr. Manhattan character trailer that’s nice, because it actually tells you something about the character rather than incorporating him into a fake Ovaltine ad from fictional 1967 (you have to watch it here).

“In the late 1950s, ordinary man Jon Osterman was ripped into particles in a science experiment gone horribly wrong. But his consciousness lived on, and he managed to reassemble himself as a true superhuman, a glowing blue model of physical perfection, able to see the future and alter matter all the way down to the subatomic level. His presence profoundly affects not just his fellow heroes, but also global scientific and geopolitical affairs. However, his growing detachment from humanity has frequently left him indifferent to the world and the people around him.”

Wow, he sounds a lot like me. Hey, did you guys know you’re all just figments of my imagination?  It’s true.  So next time something bad happens, don’t fret, it probably just taught me an important lesson.  (There are two more clips from the movie after the jump which I’m not watching)

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