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04.25.08 37 Comments

A while ago, I reported that supermodel Gisele (short for Jizz Gazelle) was reading the script for Austin Powers 4.  Not so, says hilarious mini-ginger Seth Green.

When asked about the rumored casting, Green was, like us, frankly astounded. “Giselle [sic]…the model??” he exclaimed.

While Green was quick to deny that the film has moved any closer to being a reality, the actor left the door open for future possibilities. “I’ll tell you what,” he declared. “If a script for ‘Austin Powers 4’ gets written and then it gets greenlit by whatever version of New Line is still making movies, and everybody agrees to do it, then we’ll have something to talk about. But at this point, ‘Austin Powers 4’ is nothing more than something Mike Myers talked about off-handedly during the ‘Shrek’ press.” [MTV]

Phew, that’s a relief – I need a few years break, my sides are still sore from Austin Powers three.   I mean, a roller skating Dutchman?  Where do they get this stuff!

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