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02.11.09 63 Comments

I’m still on the fence when it comes to loving Family Guy or hating it (it’s hard to judge something where half the jokes make you laugh and the other half make you want to punch yourself). Regardless, I’ve always gotten the feeling that Seth MacFarlane would rather be making broadway musicals (take that for what you will).  Recently, he went on Fox’s Talk Show with Spike Ferestein [Editor’s note: What? Who?] to sing this mildly amusing musical number. “Valentine’s in Hollywood” references topical matters like Lindsay Lohan’s lesbionity, Tom Cruise’s gayness, and Angelina Jolie’s labia.  No matter how you feel about Seth MacFarlane, you have to admit he has a ridiculous voice.  Hard to imagine it coming out of a guy in his early 20s like he was when he started.  It’s actually terrifying.  Imagine getting served coffee by a guy who looks like Shia LaBeouf but has Harry Shearer’s voice.  I’d probably just get scared and hit it with a shovel (always my first instinct).

[via BWE]

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